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How is appearance different from reality? A lot can be faked to „prove“ one’s alleged status, but the failings are often easy to spot in detail. Often not so great: The teeth. Never before in human history has it been as easy as it is today to have really beautiful, clean and healthy teeth.

However, one needs to set a certain standard for oneself. Conversely, this means that beautiful teeth, combined with a well-groomed appearance, are one of the clearest signs of social standing these days. Beautiful teeth are also regularly number one on the wish list in surveys on the subject of finding a partner.

But how do you get that radiant smile?

Experts generally agree that the best and most natural-looking teeth are achieved by dentists who have studied in Germany or Switzerland with their dental technicians. However, this quality is also reflected in the price. A beautification of the teeth can be very expensive in Germany. Google can help: U. a. comes the info, 300 – 2000 € per tooth and veneer. That’s the information, but it’s not very helpful.

But what could the alternative be? The ideal way is for dentists who have studied in Germany but run their practice abroad, which is not quite as expensive. And when this location is also a popular holiday destination in Spain, namely the Balearic Islands, things get rounded and really interesting.

How is it done?

One of the luminaries when it comes to beautifying teeth is the top German dentist Jan D. Heiringhoff, who emigrated to Mallorca years ago and now runs his SeaDent Design dental practice in the heart and in a prime location of the capital Palma de Mallorca. He speaks English, French and Spanish fluently. That says a lot about the man!

In addition to the usual dental services such as emergency care and prophylaxis, Heiringhoff’s VIP practice specializes in cosmetic corrections of all kinds and preparatory treatment such as bone and root treatments and implantology. Hollywood splints and especially veneers are his art and passion. Hence the additional design in his company name.

In terms of price, it is very competitive at €580 per tooth. In the case of a complete veneer with veneers. In this case we are talking about 10 teeth on top and 10 teeth on bottom. Makes a total of €11,600. Comparable other good dentists in Germany are around 15,000 – 20,000 €. Of course, it can also be more expensive. The dental clinic SeaDent Design in Palma de Mallorca even offers the option of financing this investment in beauty in cooperation with Targobank.

Veneers and Implantology Palma de Mallorca
Whether it’s a small repair or a complete overhaul, professionalism is guaranteed in the SeaDent Design dental practice in Palma on Mallorca / © – marcofedermann

Partial veneering is also possible

Of course you can also only take 4 – 6 veneers. Almost only the front teeth, in the upper and lower jaw, can be clad with the noble ceramic shells. Then we’re talking about 630 € per piece. Individual veneers in exchange – in the case of substitution or replacement of a dental ceramic, he charges €750. In such cases, the exact color matching to the rest of the teeth is a particular challenge.

Quite a few well-known faces from television smile so beautifully because they sat on his chair in Palma. Whether slanting or overlapping tooth positions, heavily discolored, dark or hereditary „bad teeth“. There is almost no constellation that the top dentist cannot help with. These noble ceramic facings of the teeth are simply without alternative!

Above all, the maxim of the practice is that nothing can be as good as your own tooth. That is why the preservation of one’s own teeth is of great importance. If the tooth position itself is reasonably correct, it is relatively easy to permanently cover the unsightly teeth with veneers. Veneers are very thin plates made of highly durable ceramic material.

A dental technician can design these individually, resulting in a very harmonious and natural appearance that corresponds to today’s aesthetic perception. To ensure that a veneer glued to a tooth does not make the tooth appear too thick and unnatural, a wafer-thin layer is first ground off the tooth. And not every dentist can do that.

Jan D. Heiringhoff Stardentist Palma
Dentist Jan D. Heiringhoff – dentist – and rather an artist, say his patients

A harmonious even smile

If a set of teeth that is too dark or marked by caries that is not too deep is to be brightened and beautified, normally all teeth that are visible when smiling and laughing are equally covered with veneers in order to achieve a harmonious overall picture. As already mentioned, it is then spoken of 10/10. 10 teeth above and 10 teeth below. But you can also do less.

In addition to aesthetic dentistry, the practice of top dentist Heiringhoff also offers endodontics (root canal treatment), periodontology, implantology, oral surgery, prophylaxis and emergency care – also on weekends.

Vacation included

Because the price differences between Spain and Germany are significant, more and more smart people from German-speaking countries are coming up with the idea of ​​combining dental treatment with a holiday. With good timing and no nasty surprises in the jaw, a complete overhaul can be completed in two days.

So what stands in the way of combining it with a few days of vacation in the beautiful old town of Palma on Mallorca? It is therefore not surprising that one or the other private pilot who lands in Palma heads straight for Jan D. Heiringhoff’s SeaDent Design practice.

Palma de Mallorca
Fantastic Palma: In a way, the money saved means that the holiday is almost inclusive / © – Medienservice

Others come by charter plane and still others by yacht. But everyone is smart enough to put their smiles in the hands of Heiringhoff and invest what they save compared to a treatment in Germany in a few wonderful days in the soothing atmosphere of Mallorca’s capital.

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