Beauty treatments in Poland: Botox by Dr. Katarzyna Wojtarowicz in Szczecin

The megatrend towards beauty treatments is unbroken, with Botox in particular being in the spotlight since the nineties. It is one of the most popular preparations in aesthetic medicine, especially in the facial area. What is the truth behind the prejudices and the horror stories that are sometimes heard?

How does Botox work?

The fact is that Botox relaxes the muscles by blocking the nerve pathways that control the muscle. This means that the treated muscle can no longer contract and consequently no longer cause wrinkles. On the one hand, this prevents the formation of wrinkles and can even be a great support in connection with other beauty treatments to reduce already existing wrinkles.

If a cosmetic treatment with Botox is started at an early stage, one can confidently speak of an elixir of youth, because wrinkles cannot develop in the first place. Permanently treated persons look years to decades younger. One, if not the decisive, advantage of botulinum toxin used for beauty treatments is that, unlike cosmetic surgery, everything is completely reversible.

This means that the overall functioning of all nerves and muscles remains unaffected after the resorption phase of three to six months. One advantage of cosmetic procedures with Botox for the wallet is that the effect lasts up to half a year.

Where can I get Botox treatment?

In principle, you will find a number of beauty clinics offering Botox treatment in every major city, including Hamburg. In any case, as with any beauty procedure, it is important to place yourself exclusively in the hands of specialised doctors.

Frauengesicht mit Falten
Wrinkles removed with Botox, most favourably by Dr. Katarzyna Wojtarowicz in Szczecin / ©

However, the main disadvantage in Germany, as is now the case throughout Western Europe, is the outrageously high price of beauty called for the relatively simple Botox beauty treatment. But as is so often the case on the free market, there are alternatives, some of which are unknown. One of the top addresses when it comes to Botox treatments is the practice of Dr. Katarzyna Wojtarowicz in Szczecin, Poland. Szczecin, for example, is only four hours away from Hamburg and can therefore be reached very quickly and conveniently via the motorway.

And even with the current high fuel prices, the trip is worthwhile, because Dr Katarzyna Wojtarowicz’s prices are about 50, sometimes even 75 % cheaper than in the Hanseatic city. So it is not surprising that more and more people are making use of her services. Following the high demand, she is adapting more and more to her international audience. A corresponding website is already under construction.

Top-Preise für den Einsatz vom Botulinumtoxin

Der Preis hängt auch etwas vom Präparat ab (Alluzience, Azzalure, Letybo, Botox). Denn einige der ganz neuen Botoxpräparate halten 4-6 Wochen länger.

Ein Bereich – z.B. Zornesfalte : 500-600 PLN ( 110 – 132 € )
Zwei Bereiche – z. B. die gesamte Stirn und Zornesfalte ): 750-900 PLN ( 165 – 198 € )
drei Bereiche (Zornesfalte, Stirn und Augen): 1000-1200 PLN 230 – 264 € )

Was die Intervalle der Behandlungen erfreulicherweise verlängert.

Dr. Katarzyna Wojtarowicz
Botox treatments by Dr Katarzyna Wojtarowicz in Szczecin / ©

What should one pay attention to?

Firstly, as already mentioned, you should take great care to only be treated by a doctor who has appropriate experience with Botox treatment. In a detailed consultation with the patient, the doctor will discuss what effect is desired, what is feasible and justifiable, and what is better left undone.

During the consultation, the doctor will also give certain instructions. Since the injection of Botox is ultimately an intervention in very sensitive skin regions, certain rules are unavoidable. For example, no antibiotics, painkillers, antipyretics, anti-inflammatories or other medications should be taken for at least five days before the treatment.

Similarly, sun exposure, sauna and all other skin-irritating activities are not compatible with Botox treatment. For a reputable medical practitioner, the health of his patient will always come first. Therefore, education and trust are essential.

Equally important is the quality of the Botox itself. This, however, is not a problem in Europe. However, caution is definitely advisable on other continents.

Patients with cancer, mental illness, inflammatory skin diseases, certain allergies, blood clotting disorders, viral, bacterial or fungal infections, neuromuscular excitation conduction disorders as well as pregnant women and nursing mothers cannot be treated with Botox.

In summary, Botox treatment is a gentle and safe way to look permanently younger and preserve beauty, as long as it is performed professionally by specialised doctors and the doctor’s recommendations are strictly followed.

The trilingual website Polish-English-German is currently under construction and will be available in the foreseeable future. We will report further on this.

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